RAK Center for Statistics and Studies is a government organization that was created under Emiri Law No. (2) of 2016, aiming to promote statistical processes in  Ras Al Khaimah and to provide statistical data and information accurately, transparently and professionally in line with the best international standards and to strive to achieve the objectives and implement the competencies provided for in the law in creation thereof.

The law for the creation of the center provides that it is the sole source of official statistics on the Emirate’s level and the authorize entity to regulate statistical processes and investigational studies in this field, and that the center shall have an independent legal personality, having its own financial and administrative independence and the necessary legal capacity to commence the activities which include the achievement of the objectives for which it has been created. The center is accountable to the Executive Council of Ras Al Khaimah, and it has a board of directors that was formed under the Resolution of the Executive Council No. (5) of 2016.

The objectives which the center strives to achieve according to Article (6) of the law in creation thereof are summarized in the construction of an integrated and developed statistical system, a thing which contributes to acceleration of the cycle of economic, social and environmental development within the Emirate through the provision of statistical support and the necessary data and indicators for decision makers to set out developmental policies. Furthermore, the center aims to regulate and develop statistical processes in the Emirate and to provide accurate and reliable statistics for all users, and to ensure the implementation of investigational and specialized studies according to the internationally adopted academic approaches and methodologies.