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Unified Customer Complaint System

The Unified Customer Complaint System project was implemented in furtherance of the principle of providing added value to customers and to achieve a faster response to their requirements and expectations. The Unified Customer Complaint System is considered a channel that allows customers of the Government of Ras Al Khaimah to deliver their suggestions and submit their complaints related to government services and to respond to their needs and expectations as soon as possible in a positive way to achieve the excellence in governmental performance and provide the best government services to customers.


The system seeks to achieve the following:

  1. Customer satisfaction of government services.

  2. Speedy response to expectations.

  3. Ensure handling of complaints.

  4. Provide better government services.

  5. Development of relations between customers and government institutions.

The advantages of the E-complain System are as follows:

  1. Ease of use of the system.

  2. The ability to submit and track complains at any time from any place.

  3. Ensuring the confidentiality of complainer's information.

  4. Maintaining the confidentiality of the complaint information and the concerned government institution.

  5. Assessment of complainer satisfaction of resolving the complaint.

  6. The ability to re-open the complaint in case of dissatisfaction.


To submit your complaint electronically, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Ras Al Khaima Portal www.rak.ae

  2. Submit a complaint by filling out the electronic complain submission form.

  3. Keep the reference number of your submitted complaint.

  4. After resolving the complaint, fill the service evaluation form found on Ras Al Khaima Portal.

 21212.pngSubmit a C​om​plaint​