Households surveys


Population and social indicators are essential for decision-makers and policy-makers to design development plans.

The center implements several households' surveys such as:

Labor force survey

This survey provides several important characteristics of the labor force: employed, unemployed and for the employed it provides their occupations, economic activities, status in employment, education level…

This survey is a national survey implemented in cooperation with the federal competitiveness and statistics authority. The center has started this survey in 2016. During this survey, the fieldwork team visits citizen and non-citizen households. Households sample is selected using probability sampling methods.

The center collected data for 2019, and results will be available in 2020. According to 2020 survey plan, this survey will be implemented in November 2020.


Households' income and expenditures survey

This survey is considered one of the biggest surveys that a statistical center carries out, due to the size of the project and the number of indicators it gathers and the need to have the data collection last a year to cover all the months of the year.

This important survey provides a large number of indicators about households' income and expenditures and households and housing characteristics and well-being levels.

The survey results are the base to design consumer's basket and to compute the weights used in the consumer price index and the inflation rate calculations.

This project went through three main phases, from the preparatory phase that started in April 2018 and then the data collection phase that lasted for a year and the third phase will be in 2020 where the data editing and processing will be conducted and the final results of the survey will be produced.


Households & dwellings frame's update

Statistical frames are a requirement to conduct surveys. The more the frames are exhaustive and updated the more accurate are the results of the surveys.  For this reason, the center has always been keen to have a continuously updated households frame to be used to design and select samples for households' surveys.

The center is updating continuously the households and dwellings frame. A part of the frame that was built based on 2015's census is updated yearly.

The center started implementing this project in 2018: high population density residential areas were selected to update their data, and in 2019, other residential areas were selected and their data was updated.