Imports (In Thousand Dh )

Second Quarter 2020


Total Exports (In Thousand Dh)

Second Quarter 2020



Second Quarter 2020


Number of births

Second Quarter 2020


Number of Hotels guests

Second Quarter 2020

Latest Update

  • The consumer price index for Ras Al Khaimah decreased by 0.76%, between July 2019 and July 2020. The...

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  • The amount of room nights spent reached 152,456 nights during the second quarter of 2020, decreasing...

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  • The trade balance had a surplus of 462 million dirhams in the second quarter of 2020, decreasing by ...

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Latest Release

XAxis XAxis ar Value
jan jan ar 1000
feb jan ar 2000
mar jan ar 3000
april jan ar 4000
may jan ar 5000
jun jan ar 6000
july jan ar 7000
aug jan ar 8000
sep jan ar 9000
oct jan ar 10000
nov jan ar 11000
dec jan ar 12000

Economic Statistics

The results of the economic surveys are considered as the main tool to measure the performance of the economy in the emirate, and as the main indicators that support the decision-makers and the investors in taking decisions. surveys being currently implemented: Economic Surveys 2019 & Monthly Economic Survey to Investigate The Impact of COVID 19

Social Statistics

Social statistics play a central role in the development process since people are the core of social and economic development. These statistics are necessary for social policies aimed at raising the standards of living.

Opinion polls

The center implements a set of opinion polls for the benefit of local government agencies in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, and the center also implements a set of federal opinion polls in cooperation with ministries and government agencies.